Moonee Valley Review: Race 8 Saturday August 24th

By Vince Accardi of Daily Sectionals

A reasonable pace was set by Sir Fernando followed by a reasonable ¬†slowing down, and a much more controlled riding performance by Craig Newitt in this race than earlier in the day on Clevadude. Here Sir Fernando slowed down by 5 lengths as opposed to 10 lengths. 5 lengths is still probably more than ideal but it is only a problem when the field takes advantage of it and builds its momentum and gains cheap lengths on the leaders. That didn’t happen here with the field generally slowing at the same pace.

What was ideal with this race shape was being within 2 lengths of the lead and the winner Le Bonsir was just that! The favourite Star Rolling has ability but he is not suited to 1200m (six furlongs). He has the wrong profile for 1200m; he at least needs a mile (1600m), if not 2000m (a mile and a quarter/ten furlongs) and these horses that race on pace at a middle distance have about a 5% chance of having the race shape suitable for them to win at the 1200m. Star Rolling’s effort was good and what you would expect; it’s not outstanding but a solid return.

The winner can improve as will the favourite, but don’t think about backing Star Rolling until he gets into a race over the right distance (1600m to 2000m) where he can comfortably race on pace.

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