A picture is worth 1000 words or dollars


I think the most underrated handicapping tool is the replay. Now a days there are so many places to watch replays, there should be no excuse that you couldn’t watch a replay. If you are already have an account with Betptc then you should know that their library of races is easy to
follow along. I use it everyday. All right, lets get right to it as why it is a necessity to use when
handicapping races.

Like I mentioned a picture/replay is worth more an entire past performance line. One line of
data and a few words just do not tell the entire story. I charted for a race track and when I did
the side note it was limited to 20 letters. There are also lots of guys that chart the races that also
bet too. Well do you think they want to give you everything there. You need to watch the replay.
Many times I have watched a replay that doesn’t even mention that a horse got trapped on the
rail and if got out would have won the race. Well I watched the replay and it paid off.
What to watch for in a replay
-The start of the race
-there are many kinds of slow starts, for a closer it means very little but a speed horse more
-The race shape
-if there was a huge pace battle, it will set up for a closer, a lone speed horse hurts a closer
-Trouble in the race
-many times a horse will get in trouble but it didn’t effect his final placing because he may
not have been good enough but is mentioned in the charts with his trouble
-Extra ground run or not
-many times you will see a comment saying wide, well was the horse wide on the turn or
backstretch. Big difference there.
-How did the horse finish
-was the horse still trying to get to the leaders, or was the horse a speed horse that simply
gives up when challenged

I can go on but I think you get the point. The more replays you see of the horses in the race
the easier it is to understand the race shape or which horse can beat which.  Just to finish
up, remember a horse can have a great looking replay but if on paper does not have the numbers to win he probably won’t win.

Anyone want to comment or ask a question send me a comment anytime and would be
happy to discuss it.

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