April 25th at Gulfstream


This time the mandatory payout is going to happen at Gulfstream today and is certainly worth taking a look. I would be extremely surprised if the entire pool goes to one ticket. I think it is a very playable sequence. Let’s take a look

Gulfstream Race#6  Pick 6   Post time 3:30pm eastern

Race#6 The 2 beat many of these in here, did have a dream trip but might again and certainly can win. The 10 is the dropper that does have the figures to win as well. Longshots that could upset if can clear would be the 4,5,11. If the three of them hook 2 or 10 win.

Race#7 The obvious horse and the over bet horse will be the 7. I will use him, but my horse in here is the 1. Solid closing figures, any pressure on the 7, the 1 wins. The rest I can only use on the all button.

Race#8 The 8 has the figures and has all the right connections to win and should win. I do not believe he is a standout though, a must use obviously. If someone can get loose, they could upset the 8. The 11 is the rabbit, the 9 will be close early and may inherit the lead and win. The 2,3 are my horses to consider, especially the 2 because there is enough upside to use him.

Race#9 The 6 is the class and will be extremely tough, only loses if gets a tough trip and a bad race shape. Second choice is the 1, should get a good trip and will make the first move on the turn and try and hold off the 6. The rest need to improve or the others to not run their best to win

Race#10 This will be a prep race for the 10 and still can be enough to beat this field. It is her race to lose. My upset horses are the 1,2,9, they need a trip and slight improvement to beat the 10.

Race#11 Will have a ticket with the all button on it if my keys come in, yes it is that type of race. The 3,7 are the most likely winners in here and if reducing use only them. 9 is a longshot that will try and steal it.

Here is a main ticket I will be playing (I will be playing many saver tickets keying horses I like best and swinging for the fences on a few of the other races)

2,10/1,7/2,3,8/1,6/10/3,7,9        Cost:  $14.40
(bold are my keys and will use others mentioned above)

Good luck everyone and if/when you guys hit send me a reply I would like to see what your winning ticket looks like.

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