April 26th at Gulfstream Park


Let’s get back on track and make some cash today. The Rainbow 6 continues to grow and continues to pay. I will be shocked if it goes before mandatory payout day. I think today’s sequence is very playable.

Gulfstream Race#4 post time 2:58pm eastern

Race#4 I think only two horses can only run in this one. The 1,8 are the horses and should win, but they do like to lose a lot.

Race#5 The 1 horse simply wins half her races, but can she carry her speed a mile? I can’t key her so I will be using 3,4 on the main ticket, with 7,8,9 as savers. Trickiest race in the sequence

Race#6 A little more competitive race. Once again the 1,8 are the most likely winners. They have the figures and the running style to win. A few small concerns. Outsiders would be 5,6

Race#7 A good looking turf race with some talent. My top selection is the 6. If he can handle the layoff will be flying late. The 9 is also a strong closer that needs to be used. The 10 has five wins with a couple good efforts that allow him to win too.

Race#8 The race goes through the 8. If he returns to form he wins. I am going to key him, if I don’t I need 3,4

Race#9 My top value play in the sequence is the 8. Watch the replay and the gallop out, solid performance. The only other one with some class is the 7. The 8 does have a better close but the 7 may get a better trip.

Here is a ticket I will play:  1,8/1,3,4/1,5,6,8/6,9,10/8/7,8    cost $28,80
I will probably play a few other savers with longshots in the trickier legs

Good luck everyone, enjoy the day

Closing day at Hawthorne tomorrow, let’s hope for lots of mandatory payouts


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