April 4th at Tampa Bay


Once again a pick 5 carry over at Tampa Bay. A perfect day for it, I expect well over $150,000 bet into today. A stake filled sequence makes it very playable.

Tampa Race#8  Pick 5    Post time 3:53pm eastern

Race#8 The big favourite will be the 5 and deservingly so. Not going to key her as the seven furlongs gives the 6 a chance to upset. The rest don’t belong.

Race#9 My least favourite race in the sequence. The obvious horse is the 9, I don’t like obvious type horses. Many things going for her though. The 1 is making a big jump in class but has the numbers with a shot. The 8 is my longshot because it is not a stellar MSWT group and the works say she can run a little. Also include the 3.

Race#10 My selection of the day. The 9 is an improving horse, check out the race two back. My only little concern is such a quick turn around. Is a key on one ticket. Others to look at are the 3, who seems to have beaten most of these. The 5 has some back class. Others if spread would be the 8,11

Race#11 The 4 will be the favourite and for myself is a bet against. Watch her last replay, clearly was not interested in running. If interested to run would win. The 5,6,8 came out of a fast run race. Like the 5 best as the 8 did get to control the front end and probably won’t this time.

Race#12 You need a few in here. The 6 looked good last time and certainly can repeat. The 7 needs a faster pace up front and could upset. The 4 is a use but not a win bet. If spreading include the 5,9. The has a small shot to upset at a huge price.

Here is a ticket I am going to play:  5,6/1,3,8,9/9/4,5,6,8/4,5,6,7,9   Cost $80.00
Looking for a few savers, I will reduce in the 2nd leg and the last leg.

Great day of racing everywhere, enjoy it and make some money.


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