Aug 17th at Arlington Park


Looks like another great day to pick up some of the already dead cash at Arlington Park. An incredible carry over of $108,000 in the pick 5. That is certainly the focus today and to make it even better it is very playable.

Arlington Park Race#5  Post time 3:42 eastern

Race #5 This first leg I do like the 5, my only concern is she needs a bit of a pace up front. If gets one she wins. The 2,7 could try and steel it so I will use those two as well.

Race #6 The graded stakes horses I to not trust and could knock heads early and set it up for a price. Hitting the all

Race#7 The 2 is sitting on a win, a repeat effort makes her a winner. If I do not key her I need many.

Race#8 The 5 has the class and the connections to win this one, will be closing late. The 3 is the other one that will be on or near the lead and could upset the 5.

Race#9 This is a bad bunch of turf runners. Hard to trust anyone because none of them have any kind of closing kick. There are many unknowns that could light the board. I am going to take the horses I know, so the 1,5,14 will be the three used. 1 will by on or near the lead, 14 will stalk and the 5 will trail early

Ticket I will be playing: 5/all/2/3,5/1,5,14     cost $24
small saver ticket 2,3,7/all/2/5/1    cost $12


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