August 1st at Arlington


You are probably wondering why I wouldn’t pick the biggest carryover today at Del Mar. Well I could put I think it is a very tough sequence and a pick 6 with a minimum bet of $2.00, it adds up quick.

Arlington Park is where I will take my shot.

Arlington Race#5 Post time 5:57pm eastern

Race#5 The 7 is sitting on a win and with a nice work coming in certainly has a shot. The is the expected speed and the favorite. If clears, wins. The 3 will be flying late, but might be to short.

Race#6 Is not an easy race, I have it down to the 1,5,8 as the main contenders. My slight lean is to the 8. Has the most wins in the field and the right running style.

Race#7 Potentially has a key and that is the 8. Has the style to sit behind the cheap speed and take over late. The 8 is not solid but looks best on paper. The 6 is a firster with good connections that can win first out. Wide open after that.

Race#8 This has my longshot of the day, the 10 will be flying late at a big price. The 1 is a strong contender that will be really over bet and lacks any staying power, he certainly can win though. The 3 is the other one with a shot

Race#9 Not a fan of this race. The 4 is the expected favorite dropping big with a low % trainer, not a good angle. The 5 used to be a decent horse but the new trainer scares me. The 6 is another big dropper with at least a good trainer and he is my selection to win. A sleeper at a price is the 1. Strong work coming in and consistent, isn’t fast enough if the 4 or 6 are close to being right.

Here is a possible ticket: 3,5,7 /1,5,8/8/1,3,10/1,4,6   Cost: $40.50

If miss the first leg its a cheap pick 4 to play that has shot.

Good luck.

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