August 24th at Saratoga


I had to find time to post and take a shot at today pick 6 at Saratoga. As if you don’t know, but if not there is over $400,000 carried over today.  I expect well over a million bet into it today. At least a small ticket is required to get in on the action.

Saratoga race#4:    Post time 2:39pm eastern

It is not an easy sequence so unless you have a big group of guys to go in with, I suggest do not go over board. I will be playing the ticket I post but will play pick 3s along the way with other horses that can upset.

Race#4 Opens with a terrible field. The 3,8 will battle early and both stop. The 9 appears to be a closer and does close, but is slow. The unknown horse is the 4 coming off the turf, runs evenly can win.

Race#5 I like the 1 the best. I think the race sets up for her. The 3 has raced against some very good horses and certainly can win. If the 1,3 move to early the 4 can get them late

Race#6 Controlling speed on the rail with the 1 is my key in the sequence. A repeat effort gives him a shot to steal it. If I didn’t key I would also need the 5,8, they will be closing late

Race#7 An extremely tough race and wide open. The 8 should be on or near the lead and will try and steal it. The 7 will stalk and can close late. The 11 gets in from the also eligible list and has the back class to win. The big longshot is the 3, there are some races on his pp. that makes him a winner

Race#8 1,3,4 are the contenders but I think the 3 gets the perfect trip behind the other two and makes her the winner. If spreading I would use all three

Race#9 I think only two horses in here. The 2 will be on the lead and try and steal it. If gets the distance, she  wins. The 3 has very good figures that can run the 2 down.

Here is a possible ticket: 3,4,8,9/1,3/1/3,7,8,11/3/2,3

Good luck

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