Avoid being a quick page turner


What is a quick page turner, you ask? A quick page turner is someone that simply turns the page right after the horses cross the wire. The quickies never learn. They are more worried about if they made money or lost. The quickies will either say that was an easy winner to pick or the race must have been fixed because that horse made no sense at all.

Learn from your wins and loses. Anyone that thinks they know everything doesn’t win at the races that regularly because the sport is constantly changing. Take some time after a race and look to see what you may have missed or even confirm why you selected the winning horse. I always laugh at guys that give me some crazy angle that they won on. I used to challenge them on it but realized after awhile there was no point, I decided to let them continue to lose and complain about the fixed races.

Writing down a few notes from time to time from track to track is always great for the future. Once a race is over there is nothing you can do about the outcome, but you can make the required changes next time the situation occurs. I think everyone knows the definition of insanity, if not “Doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different outcome.”

Horse Betting tip of the day:
Avoid this !! Worrying about being out in the first leg of a pick 5 or 6 is the wrong attitude. Sometimes being out early is better because they you do not focus just on the pick 6 in question and continue to play the races individually. Taking all makes no sense in the first leg, unless you have 3 or 4 other keys. Simply taking all just to be alive costs you way to much money over the long haul. AVOID THIS !!

Cash is King update:  Nice work on the three guys making some good cash on the first day. I was only able to grind a small profit. This contest is not a quarter horse race its the two mile turf race though. Still always great to see guys making some nice cash on this site.

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