Best Bet in Horse Racing

You are probably wondering what I am referring to. Well it is not a certain horse or a certain track it is a specific circumstance that occurs. It may not happen at every track everyday but
over a course of five or six tracks it will happen a few times. The best bet is bet against a
BRIDGE JUMPER. What is a bridge jumper you ask, it is when a person or persons bet a lot
of money to show on a horse that will make it a negative show pool. Basically over 80% of
the money is on one horse to show.

Why is this the best bet you ask? It is simple, find another horse you like in the race and bet
it to show. If your horse runs in the top three the return on your investment can be huge, even more than the win price if the bridge jumper’s horse runs out of the money. Obviously this does not happen that often but when it does it can be your easiest and biggest score of the day on the simplest bet  in racing. Now even if the bridge jumper’s horse runs in the money you still can win as long as your horse is in the money too. The payout is a lot smaller but many times
you can still get a show price better than $2.40. The reason that is because the large amount of
money is taken out (paid $2.10) and the remaining money is divided accordingly to the other two show horses. Many times there is an equal amount of show money and the remaining horses, hence not a bad return. I feel if whenever there is a chance to make some easy money on an easy bet I take it. Keep your eye on the show pools.

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