Carryover guaranteed every Saturday at BetPTC


Everyone loves playing tracks that have a carryover.  Well if you simply play the races and are entered in the “Cash is King Contest” you have one every Saturday. The best part is you get to chose where the carryover is.   “What do I mean,” you may ask?   It’s simple, you decide what track and what bets you want to play. If you win, you have a shot to add to your winnings. How good is that?

Going in the Cash is King contest rewards you for doing your home work, improving your betting and comparing you to other handicappers. You are in a win-win situation. Why would you not get involved?   The only reason that I can think of, if you don’t participate, is that you do not want to improve and you don’t care if you lose at the races.   And you don’t care about free cash.

I have already picked up some extra cash in the contest, and it wasn’t the first time.   Why can’t you?

Cash is King contest

Play every Saturday for $500 cash

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