Cash bet your contest plays


There are many contests out there that you pay for your entry and then use imaginary money to bet with. Whether you like that way or Betptc’s where you bet your own money, you really should make sure there is some real cash bets on your selections. I would like to think you have done some work on the days you are in the contests so you should know the races in question, take double advantage of that.

I know some say it distracts them, well then clearly you are not prepared for the day. It is not hard to make your contest play and then bet real cash.

Some contests are win only, well if you are liking some 10-1 horses the place and show price will be paying quite well. I would feel bad twice if my selection ran second at 10-1 by a nose and then pays $8.00 to place and I didn’t bet any place money.

Another situation can occur you have to decide between two horses, both going off at huge odds. Well, how often do you pick the wrong one and the other wins at 20-1. A small cash bet would hide the aggravation. Maybe even a small exacta box or take the contenders you are looking at in a sequence bet.

There are contests with more than 100 people in it, but only 5 or 10 spots paid at best. Out of the 100 in it, 40 might make a profit, I know the smart players would have made some money on the side. Others just sit there and make nothing.

A great example is I went in the Race Track Warriors contest(sponsored by BetPtc) to win a seat in next month’s contest in Vegas. The entry fee was only $25, with a very top heavy prize. I like the format, but do realize most do not win anything. No problem, this is why I bet my first selection I took on Saturday. My horse ran second and paid great to place and show. I bet it across the board and made more money than my entry fee. Win-Win situation.

I have been in many contests and have won some, but there have been times I didn’t win anything in the contests but made a very nice profit on the day.

Contests can be lots of fun and great to see where you stand against other players, but in the end it is all about making a profit on the day. “Cash bet your selections “

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