Cash is King Contest is “A Competitive, Profitable Challenge”

Cash is Kingby STRETCH

I think the competitors have improved their handicapping and money management since year one of the BetPTC Cash is King Contest. In year one just making a profit was good enough to be on top of the leader board, not now. Full credit to everyone having huge success on Saturdays. Hopefully this continues on the other six days. The tougher the challenge, the tougher you become, and in the long run everyone wins.

I call this a competitive and profitable challenge because if you become competitive you are going to force yourself to find a way to make a profit on the day. There are many ways to make money at the races so truly there isn’t just one way, but make sure your way makes you money. If you are not on the Cash is King Leaderboard, it is only your fault. Make your changes and make this a competitive profitable challenge. How great is this if you improve your ‘capping, you get paid.

The highly competitive challenge only pushes all of us to improve and try and make more money. This contest couldn’t be more fair and does show you who truly is a top nandicapper on this site.┬áNo excuses; its all on paper and you need to put your money where your mouth is.

Great ‘capping this month by Dean, Randy and the two Geralds. Well done guys. Some huge wins by various other guys too.

I expect whomever wins the overall title for this year will be well deserved and have a great shot to be successful in the contest in Vegas, the Horseplayer World Series.

Anyone that is not in the contest and is reading this, needs to get involved. You need to challenge yourself, unless you like losing money and do not see a reason to try improve your capping. It’s not okay be like 90% of the horse players out there and be on the losing side of the parimutuel battle.

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