Congrats to the Cash is King winners


I would like to congratulate Randy on a great contest both season long and this past weekend. Very well done. It is always impressive to have that many profitable days. I believe that it is better to be consistent over time making money rather than hitting that one home run score every couple of months. To be the home run hitter you need a big budget and be a very confident person playing the races that way.

Also very well played by Gerald C. with a great ROI. My estimate was about 150% to win the finals. Others that had a profitable weekend included Steve, John and Dean that also got money for their efforts. Stephen and Gerald P also made money too. I was on a positive ROI after Saturday and figured I needed to be higher and went for it. Didn’t work out for me, but this tournament is still the best one going. It is the a contest that really shows who can and cannot make money at the races.

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