December 2

The plan worked yesterday hit a pick 5 at Portland and pass on Turf Paradise on Sunday. Well Turf Paradise carried over so let’s take a shot at it today.

Turf Paradise Race#5 Post time 3:14 central

Today is one of those days to take a small shot but know very well some of the horses in the sequence are not that trust worthy. Caution ahead

Race#5 3,8 are the most likely winners in the race. 3 should be on the lead and the 8 will come late. The workout on the 8 says the horse is fine and the drop was required to win

Race#6 With the 5 being scratched make the race a little more wide open. I like 1,3 the most. The 7 is the speed of the speed but at 6.5 furlongs do not think she can hang on, but ..
Outsiders 2,4

Race#7 6 is the horse to beat, the huge drop is the biggest concern. The trainer and the works
say the horse has at least 3 legs. If the 6 doesn’t win then the 1,5,7 have a shot.

Race#8 6 will be tough to beat. Trainer on fire and will be right up on the pace. 1 and 3 could
upset the favourite.

Race#9 8 is the class and if can get any breather early wins. An upset horse will be a closer.
Possibly from the clouds the 3 or 10

Race#10 has three horses the will be one of the expected winners. 4,5,10 should get you the
leg. Getting to this race is the problem.

Taking a stand in a couple of legs and then spreading on two or three legs is a possible way to go.

Good luck.

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