December 21


Only two days left ever at Hollywood so lets look at their early pick 5 today.

Post time 2:30pm central

Analysis is posted before any late scratches.

Today’s pick 5 sequence seems much more straight forward than yesterday’s pick 6.

Race#1 The race goes through the 3. He will be the controlling pace, should get a breather on the front end, if does, wins. If the 3 loses then it will be a horse that sits backs. The 1,4 will be waiting to pounce late

Race#2 I do not like these kinds of mid claiming races and with only six horses the race shape can change so quickly if one horse doesn’t do what is expected early. The 3 is vulnerable even though it has back class and been claimed. Concern is no workout in almost a month. 1,4 will be going to the lead and at 6.5 I expect a stalker. Most horses in the race are not that game either. Hitting the all button in here.

Race#3 The 5 simply had a prep last month and is set up for a big effort in this one. The 3,7 are sleepers that I will not leave out. The 7 race on the turf is a better than looked effort.

Race#4 The 8 is a strong play today. Almost beat a 2-5 shot last time out, very good figures and didn’t give a full effort, as if didn’t want to win the race. The only other one is the highly touted 6, strong works but does need to improve a little to beat the 8

Race#5 2,3,6 are the horses that can win this race. Many others are race fillers. The 2 loves to win, the 3 has the class and needed to drop and the 6 will get a stalking trip.

Here is a possible ticket to play   3/all/3,4,5,7/8/2,3,6     only a $24 ticket. Hit the keys and ticket should hit as well

Good luck everyone today.


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