December 6th at Woodbine


Today’s carryover is at Woodbine in their “Mandatory Payout” Hi 5. I am not a big fan of this bet but with a ton of dead money it is now in the player’s favour. Clearly worth a shot at it and it is only a 20 cent bet.

Woodbine Race#10 HI 5    Post time: 5:25pm eastern

Race#10  I don’t have any standout winners but have a few key contenders that should be in the hi 5. The 7 is the farthest from a winning type of horse but should be in the money when he closes late, solid last out race. The 9 has some early foot that should be able to stalk and looks like a horse for 2nd or 3rd.  My sleeper at a price that will be closing late is the 3, his best race makes him a contender. The 12 at ml 15-1 is a great play because the horse tried something different last time out and I expect to go back to closing late instead. The 15 draws in and as to be looked at as well.
I expect a pace battle early with many non contenders and then a cavalry charge late, it will be all about the trip with such a big field.

Here is a possible ticket: 3,9,12,15/7/3,9,12,15/3,9,12,15/all    , will then put the 7 in the 3rd spot.


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