December 7


So many betting options today. There are four carry overs I am looking at;

Turfway Park pick 5 race#3 post time 1:08 central
Calder Pick 5 goes in race#5 post time 1:30 central
Hawthorne Pick 6 race#3 post time 2:18 central
Golden Gate Pick 5 race#5 post time 4:45 central

Passing on Turfway’s pick 5 today. To many wide open races with big fields. It is great to play each race individually though.

Calder’s Pick 5

Calder Race#5 The 3,8 are the two best horses in the race, including the 8 being on my stable mail, the problem is they both have the same running style “Speed”. If I thought one could stalk
I would be confident in only using the 3,8. The 2 doesn’t really pass horses but might inherit the win.

Race#6 is a wide open turf race. I, in fact, like a few longshots in here 5,7. Also like the 4 who should great trip. Going to just use 4,5,7

Race#7 the 4 will be the big favourite and has a good shot to win, but I do not think he is a lock. 5,7 certainly have a shot as the 7 has beaten the 4 before. Take a look at the 10 who dead heated with the 4 in the same race last year

Race#8 the 8,9 are my horses I like best. Have the class and the close to win the race. The 7 is sharp right now and needs to improve to win but can

Race#9 Luckily this is the last race on the card because this race will take awhile with some terrible slow horses, some of them are not even race horses. 6,7 are the horses I will use but not confident because it does not take much for anything to show anything to win

Hawthorne Pick 6

Race#3 The 4 looks best on paper and ran well in the replay with out a rider. My only concern is the horse that is happy to always finish 2nd, has hung in 2 races.  1,2,3 are the unknowns that can improve, so will use those

Race#4 I am keying the 1 because if you do not you need most others, troubled trip that the charter forgot to mention which will help the price

Race#5 There are only two real contenders 3,6. 6 will go to the lead and the 3 will stalk. A small outsider at a price is the 5

Race#6 Originally I was keying the obvious big favourite but was a vet scratch on Nov. 24th so now I have to take 1,4

Race#7 The 6 stands above this field, should be like a workout for her.

Race#8 3,8,11 are the horses I like best. 3 is the speed and if can get away may steel it. On paper the 8,11 have the figures

The pick 6 sequence is as straight forward as you can get at Hawthorne. A ticket I will play will be

Golden Gate Pick 5

Race#5 off the turf. The 6 has the figures to win and a huge jockey change to help, will key on at least one ticket. Others with a shot 8,4,9 and a “Light the board longshot” the 3, stretching out speed

Race#6 has the key of the sequence, a text book move by Hollendorfer to get an easy win. Should drop and pop. Keying the 6

Race#7 A very competitive race. The 9 had a terrible trip throughout last time, should get a stalking trip behind the rabbits. Sleeper is the 1 as they tried something different last time out and will be up close on the rail. The 10 is the other one to use and will be coming late

Race#8 off the turf. The 1 and 6 have the poly numbers to win, outsider is the 5. Is working well and will be closing late

Race#9 The 6 will be the big favourite and has a very good close but there is not a lot of speed to run at. Others with a shot are the 7 and 8(very troubled trip with a nice move)


Back tomorrow as I see Calder has carried over again and Hawthorne certainly will too.

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