December 8


Carry over crazy at Hawthorne today so that will be the focus of the day.

Hawthorne Pick 5 Post time 1:20 central

Race#1 Tough race to start as there is no speed in the race. If there was pace to run at I would key the 2, but there isn’t. 3,5,6 are needed at least has savers

Race#2 Should be a pace battle early so I like the 2 the best. If the 1 can stalk behind the 8 that would be the other one to use

Race#3 If 4 repeats his last race he wins, but if off the pace bias then its wide open for 1,5,8 to upset

Race#4  is the 5 horse’s race to lose. Stalking trip and should win. Again wide open after that, the 8,7

Race#5 Is the trickiest race in the sequence because there is not a horse to trust. Key the middle legs and hit the all button. If need to reduce 1,3,5,6

Pay attention, an extreme off the base bias today

Race#6 Leaning to the 2 based on track bias. 3,4 need to be much best being they are early pace horses. Yes another tricky race

Race#7 The 1 and 1a entry make up a very strong one and sets up for either one of them to win.

Race#8 If the 9 repeats his last effort he can win, but they are bottom maiden claimers. A possible firster can win. 7 or 5 off the layoff have a shot

Good luck

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