Do not forget about the NIGHT tracks


Racing does not stop at 6:00pm, there is still lots of racing in the evening.  I think many forget all the betting opportunities out there at night.

The main focus on horse racing is obviously the main tracks and they do have the biggest handle, the best horses, trainers and jockeys. Having the best does not always mean the best betting opportunities. I think we can all agree is when we find a mismatch in a race that is a huge shot to make some cash. Well I think there are far more mismatches in the “B” and “C” tracks, which usually run at night.

Let’s look at some of the differences and see why there is some easy money out there to be won at night.
-The top jockeys and trainers at the smaller tracks usually tower above the poorer trainers and jocks, thus many times you see trainers that might win a race or two a year, hence toss them most times. The “A” tracks there is not as much gap, they are all quite good or they wouldn’t be there
-Over bet horses in all pools.  Night track you have guys that do not know size of pools and also do not take racing that serious at night. Many night time bettors are all about the rush of betting and having a good time. Ever go to Vegas, just watch the maniacs bet the night tracks after a bunch of drinks, this goes on everywhere. This opens up many overlays
-There are absolute standouts that do not pay anything in some races each night, but you can use them in sequence bets because usually the next race is an impossible race to cap and when that happens anything can happen.
-There are a lot less professional handicappers that focus on the night tracks so if you do the work you are usually way ahead of the novices. Use this to your advantage.

I like the “B” tracks for all of the above reasons and that is why I like to focus on those ones first.  Take note I am not saying play all the afternoon tracks and then try and play all the night tracks. We all know you will get burnt out and you can’t do that. I know I five to six hours I can stay in the zone and be focused, 10 to 12 not so much. You do have to pick and choose when, where and how long you can play.

Have the night off or skip a day track and see what I mean.


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