Do not just bet the Pick 6


So often I see bettors only bet the pick 6 or pick 5 and do not bet each race in the sequence. We all know how tough it is to win the entire sequence of 5 or 6 races, but how often do you only get one wrong. Well if you only get one wrong race that means you were correct multiple times and should be up money at the end of the day.

Look back at my write ups this past week under the thread of Carryovers. You will see that I had some races I liked a lot and others not so much. If I hadn’t bet the races I would have liked I would not have made money last week. There were days that I hit the pick 5 but there were days
I obviously didn’t but because of some key races I was still able to grind out a small profit.

Here are some ideas to make sure you are still betting some of the races in the various sequences.

-A key horse that is a slight overlay or even the fair price you require, is a must bet. You cannot rely on getting the sequence when there is money starring at you in the face.

-A race you only have two horse requires an exacta box or if a trifecta wheel. So often in a race
you only see two horses, many times they will run first and second and the exacta comes back paying $30. A $5 exacta box probably pays for the entire pick 5 bet. If one of the two horses
is an overlay put a small bet on that one too.

-If there are pick 3s mixed in the sequence play the same selections in those as you did in your
bigger sequence of races. Maybe even add an extra horse or two that you couldn’t because of cost in the pick 5.

Remember you shouldn’t be spending your entire budget on the very tough bets. Once you play
the pick 6,pick 5 etc. put that to the side and worry more about each race as it comes up.

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