Do not simply focus on the Breeders’ Cup


This Friday and Saturday is obviously the biggest weekend in racing of the year. Simply put the most money will be bet on Friday and Saturday, so therefore there is that much more money
out there to be won.

While the main focus is on the “Breeders Cup”, but remember all the other race tracks will be hosting races as well, so why not look at those too. This is a great weekend to really keep all of your options open. We all know there will be huge payouts at Santa Anita, but with huge payouts goes with that much tougher to hit. I certainly will be playing the Breeders Cup but will keep track of the main tracks I play.

Like I said this weekend is the biggest racing weekend, hence the most people playing the races
is this Friday and Saturday. Clearly with the expanded post times many people between the Breeder’s Cup races will be playing other tracks. This is a great time take advantage of this. There will be dead money everywhere to be won. Many players will be killing time and simply throwing money at the other tracks. The other situation will be after the Breeder’s races. The ones that made a bunch of money will play a few more races and be taking shots at more money and not be as focused. There will also be ones that are chasing to get their money back. So make sure to be prepared for the entire day.

I have a saying “The Bank is Open.” I feel the bank is open on Breeders Cup weekend and on holidays because there are so many people that only play the races one or two times a year.
Obviously they are not experienced enough to really know what they are doing, another great
time to take advantage of this situation.

Good luck to all on both the Breeder’s Cup and the other races you should be playing.

I will post some plays throughout the weekend in the carryover section.

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