Do you have a plan?


Are you someone that knows you are playing the races tomorrow and shows up ten minutes before the races, grabs a form and starts looking at race one? “OR” Are you a horse player that knows you are playing the races tomorrow and has gotten the form the night before?

If you are the first one, STOP IT if you ever want to be consistent at the races. It takes time and work to have success at the races. Why do you think you can beat the races by just showing up? The guys that make money always have a plan.

If you are the second one, you have a chance. It is a matter of what you do with your form the night before.

Here are few tips to help you with a plan for the races:
-Obviously grab the form early(10 minutes before isn’t early, a day is)
-Scan ALL the races on the day
-when scanning make quick notes on surface, distance, conditions of race (claimer, maiden)
-Now begin to cap the races, it doesn’t have to start with race one. I will start with races I like the conditions best, for example maiden races with not many first timers in the race. Why you ask? It is simple, there is more potential that I will spend more money on races I like and have stronger feelings for, as well will use these races as key races for sequence bets.
-Spend a little more time on race sequences that may have carry overs or guarantees
-After at least looking at all the races, make some notes to yourself in regards to what types of bets you may make, or notes to watch for during the day
-Capping the night before doesn’t mean you need to set your bets or even select the horses you are betting to win.

After the above is complete, call it a night and be ready for the next day.

Mistakes that get made with no plan:
-not knowing the good races ahead
-not knowing where to save your money on your prime plays
-always being a step or two behind the ones that are prepared
-always in a panic trying to get out on the day in the last few races, just like many of the others
-running out of money for a prime play in the 8th.

Having a plan/outline sets you up for success, you may not win every time but you certainly increase your chances to.


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