Do You Track Your Horse Racing Bets?


Making money playing the races is can be very difficult but I think if you make a few corrections and understand where you win, it can be a little easier. Everyone that wins races wins more races playing certain tracks and certain types of bets. Do you know your best tracks or your best type of wagers that make you the most money? Next question, Do you know which tracks and bets are your bad ones? Most people I know kind of have an idea but really do not know exactly. I say start knowing exactly where you are winning and losing. Learn for your successes and your failures.

For starters BetPTC has great software to break your bets down to each track and each type of bet. I have had to keep track myself in the past, but now I don’t because of this added feature on BetPTC. Set your parameters and take a look.
If you have not  used the “Account Activity feature” before it can be a huge eye opener. I urge you to take a look. Now what can we learn for this info. If you are constantly making some money at Santa Anita but not at Golden Gate, why are you betting Golden Gate. Also what type of bets are you making money, if it shows exacta are the big winners, spend more there. If trifectas you lose the most, why bet them. If you can reduce betting your bad tracks or type of bets and bet more where you succeed, you make more money. I find it easier to pass races knowing I do not do very well at a track.

Tracking your bets a step further. What type of race do you do best in. Maidens, turf race, sprints, bottom claimer, or allowance. This tracking you have to do yourself. The more information you can give yourself the more informed you will be. Making money at the races is not all about picking winning.

The Premier Turf Club blog has many top notch treads to follow along. There is no excuse to not make money in 2014. Take advantage of the software at hand and keep checking in on all the treads. You are getting all this info for free. “Quote of the day that goes with this “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”

Make some changes in 2014 so you can make that much more money.

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