Feb 12th at Gulfstream Park


Gulfstream Rainbow Pick 6 is the focus today.

Gulfstream Race#5 Post time 2:36pm eastern

Race#5 This race is wide open and  the 3 will be the favourite and I do not trust him to win. The 3 should get pressed early and set up for a closer. The closers in this race are hit and miss. So I need a bunch to start it off. 2,4,5,7,9.  Not much help in this one

Race#6 The 2 horse is the horse I like most, I do not expect 5-1, but that does not matter in the pick six sequence. Hoping the horse will stalk and take over late. The 3 has the closing kick but does not like to win. Others with a shot 7,8,10

Race#7 If the 7 repeats her last race she wins. The firster that is the sleeper is the 5, has nice steady works and the hidden turf breeding. Outsiders 2,3

Race#8 A couple key scratches in this one so I think the race goes through the 4. Should stalk and then take over late. Outsiders 3,8

Race#9 If the 2 does not bounce, she wins. Huge last race. Wide open after that. 2 is my key or I need a bunch

Race#10 A scary last turf race. A key scratch on the 7 opens up the race. The 3 at least is not a complete loser. The 1 will get a trip but is a multiple loser as is the 10. My longshot is the firster, the 8. Has the hidden turf breeding with average works in a bad field.

Here are a couple of tickets:   2,3,4,5,7,9/2,3,7,8,10/7/4,/2/1,3,8,10      cost $24
4,5,9/2,8/7/3,8/2/1,3,8,10            cost $9.60

Not going big because I do not think it is worth it today.

Good luck everyone

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