February 14th Jackpots


Quick recap from yesterday as the Rainbow 6 went 5 of 6, wow it was a tough sequence. The black gold pick 5 was also tough but was not won. Going to take a shot at both today as both sequences look tricky but worth a small shot using some keys in both.

Gulfstream Race#5 Post time 2:36pm eastern

Race#5 There are only two horses that I think can win. The 3 will be the big favourite but I do not think he is a lock at all. A month layoff with no activity is an angle I do not like. The 2 is the horse that is ready to go. If there were more early pace to push the 3 I would have keyed the 2

Race#6 The 4 is another vulnerable favourite with no activity in a month after two wins for a bottom claimer. This is a text book bet against. Unfortunately there is not much in this race and most of the others have holes in them too. Looking towards 3,7,8

Race#7 Not a strong turf race so the race is wide open and there are many contenders. Horses I will use are 6,7,8, with 8 being the longshot that has a decent late close

Race#8 The race goes through the 2, will be the big favourite and won’t be geared up for the race but has the talent to win. The up setter is the 7

Race#9 A tricky long turf race. A few do not belong, the ones that do are the 6,8,10, 12. It is always tough to figure race shape with the 1 7/8 race. Sorry not much help in this one

Race#10 Taking a small shot in here and keying the 2. I like the claim, should get a stalking trip. This is not a strong key but if I don’t I need a bunch. Others that would consider 5,8,10

Here is a small ticket:    2,3/3,4,7,8/6,7,8/2/6,8,10,12/2    $9.60

I will be playing pick 3s and late pick 4s in the sequence because there are some good races in there.

Fair Grounds Race#5 Post time 4:07pm eastern

All races taken off the turf, pay attention because it changes everything in the sequence

Race#5 The 7 fits perfectly with race off the turf and should be on or near the lead, he is my first choice but others to be included are 2,11

Race#6 The 4 and 10 have the same trainer and he has great angles to have his two horses ready to run. Hence only taking these two as the others do not look like much.

Race#7 It is all about the race off the turf. 9,13,14 are the horses to beat. I always like when horses get in off the also eligible list, especially in a situation like this.

Race#8 A small field so someone might be able to steal it. On paper the 5 looks best, but we all no paper doesn’t win races. The 1 has a shot if they send him to the lead.

Race#9 I think the trainer for the 3 was hoping the race came off the turf, the 3 is the standout and the key in the race now

Here are two possible tickets:  7/4,10/9,13,14/all/3      $15
2,7,11/4,10/9,13,14/5/3  $9

If you are wondering why so cheap, it is because I don’t like anything else.

Good luck. I expect both jackpots up for grabs tomorrow. stay tuned

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