February 15 at Gulfstream


Carry over crazy at Gulfstream today and that will be our focus. Unfortunately it is a tough sequence with five of six scheduled for the turf at uncommon distances in three of them. There is the $760,000 in the rainbow six and more importantly there is over $110,000 in the pick 5.

Gulfstream Park Race#6 Post time 3:05pm eastern

Race#6 The sequence begins with a tough opener. I am leaning to the firsters because the ones that have raced do not like that special. The 2 is the one I like best, then the 1,5. 8,9 are best of the ones that have raced. Using 1,2,5,8,9.  Watch for the early money

Race#7 Another tough race, but I have it narrowed down a little. The 1 went way to fast in the first out and should improve if can carry the speed. Through out the first race with the 3 and take a look at the works, those are huge for Mott. The firsters I like 2,8

Race#8 If the 5 is ready to run off the layoff, she wins. Her last race is better than it looks on paper. The 7 is the improving horse and can win. The horse for course and distance is the 1, using her as well

Race#9 Very wide open turf race. It is hard to be confident on the 11 with over half his races running second. The 9 has the figures to win and has one at the distance. The unknown horse is the 10. Also like the 5 with the work, second off and the patient jockey. Will use 5,9,10,11

Race#10 If you are keeping your ticket cheap, then key the 6. In a tough sequence of races this might be the best horse to key. Horse is certainly no lock. I also like the 1 at a price, throw out his last one and the other turf races are certainly good enough to win. Others include 4,9

Race#11 Need to reduce so 4,11 are the horses I will use. Both have a few good angles and look best in a bad bunch.

Rainbow 6 ticket: 1,2,5,8,9/1,2,3,8/5/5,9,10,11/6/4,11   cost $32 keeping cheap to save for pick 5

Pick 5 tickets: 1,2,3,8/1,5,7/5,9,10,11/6/4,11  cost $48
2,3,8/5,7/5,9,10,11/1,4,7,9/4,11  cost $96

As you can see the main focus is on the Pick 5.  Considering to key the 5 in the 8th an add another ticket with others.

Good luck everyone, do not hesitate to reply with your tickets or your winning tickets.


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