February 22 at Gulfstream


Today’s focus is at Gulfstream where there will be lots of action. Already well over the million mark in the rainbow pick 6 carryover, I expect a minimum of $500,000 bet into today pool. It is an interesting sequence and I expect a nice payout even when it does not go on the one ticket.

Gulfstream Race#7 Post time 3:31pm eastern

Race#7 The 5  and 11 look best on paper but as said in past it is not always what’s on paper. The are both sitting on wins. The 5 is set up for a big effort and is almost a key. Longshots to at least use in exacts or trifectas are the 2,4

Race#8 7,9,10 are probably the horses but I am leaning with the 10 as a slight edge. If can handle the layoff should be tough. The 9 is my next choice and ran a much better race than the 7 did in last. Both 7,10 have a few two many seconds which worries me a little. I think a great exacta box bet with these three.

Race#9 It the 3 can handle the two turns she wins. Huge early pace factor. I am not sure the 8 can chase, take over and still win. The 6 is improving and if the 5 runs her last race she can upset.

Race#10 I need a few horses in this race but do like the race and will be betting it singly. The 1 will be tough if can stalk and doesn’t get caught up in an early pace battle. The 3 is a text book horse for course and should be on or near the lead. If there is an early pace battle then I lean to the 9 or longshot 2.

Race#11 If the 12 can get any kind of early pace battle up front and a little bit of a trip he wins. Huge last race and I think he can improve (but doesn’t need to).  The 5 is my next choice and if can handle two turn with a stalking trip has a shot. The others included the 1,4.

Race#12 Not an easy final leg but will take a few stands in this one. The 2 had a much improved effort and with a couple works since I do like him best. The 8 would have been a top pick but was a vet scratch on Feb. 1st. Like all the other angles and the slight drop. Longshot is the 5, last race a poor effort but the jockey didn’t try in the stretch and he is shortening up, previous turf races were not bad. The expect favourite I am not a big fan of being he had a perfect trip last time and no workout activity in almost a month.

Here is a couple pick 6 tickets:  5/7,7,10/3,5,6,8/1,3,9/1,5,12/2,5,8   cost: $64.80
11/9,10/3,6/1,3,9/12/2,8  cost $4.80

Here is a pick 5 ticket: 9,10/3,5,6,8/1,2,3,9/12/2,5,8,9   cost $64.00

Late pick 4 ticket: If out on the pick 5 I will just play the last four from the pick 5 but
if alive in pick 5 here is my pick 4 ticket   3/1,2,3,9/1,4,5,12/2,5,8,9  cost $32
and more 5,6/1,2,3,9/1,5,12/2,8  cost $24

Good luck everyone, enjoy the day and do not forget to also play race by race

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