February 23 at Tampa


Going to take a break from Gulfstream today as I think it looks just to tough while Tampa Bay pick 5 carry over looks better. Just of note, I think we can all say we have had some bad beats over the year, I did just yesterday. But none more than the person that had the 12 horse in the last race at Gulfstream yesterday. There are not to many 2 MILLION DOLLAR bad beats getting the horse taken down when potentially having the only ticket in the rainbow 6.

Tampa Bay Race#6 Post time 2:55pm eastern

Race#6 One of my favourite angles is dropping in class early pace, which is the 4. The problem is that this horse has no heart but the rest of the field doesn’t either. The 6 interests me because the rest of the field is so poor. 8,9 maybe

Race#7 A small field with horses not on form. Oh joy. The 1 is sitting on a win and should get the trip. The 6,7 are a very similar horse, have some class and the figures and win sometimes. The 5 is a horse that likes to win, but his he fast enough. Yes not much help in this one

Race#8 For 16,000 claimers these are nothing special. The 8 should be the pace setter and could steal it. The 1,9 should get a stalking trip and have the numbers to win. If there is a huge pace battle then the 10 can fly late at a huge price.

Race#9 The problem in this race is that the three contenders are usually on the front end so they could knock each other out. If I knew which one could stalk, she would be the key. Contenders  5,7,9. A longshot closer is the 10, but may not be fast enough

Race#10 The 4,8 standout for the horses that can close late but the 4 is already shown she is a loser, the 8 not so much. Only using the 4,8

Good luck everyone

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