February 27 at Santa Anita


I thought today lets take a look at Santa Anita’s pick 6.  I think it is extremely playable today. Rumour has it there may be some rain so lets wait and see how that changes everything.

Santa Anita Race#3 Post time 5:00pm eastern

I think today’s payout will be between $2,000 – $5,000. Small fields will have some groups almost buying the pick 6.

Race#3 Tough first race for the sequence being off the turf. The 1 may be the favorite but is certainly beatable. Going to take 1,2,3 but not confident

Race#4 A possible daring key is the 7 as the controlling speed. If I do not key him I then also need 1,6. Same type of horse, the 6 always beats the 1 though

Race#5 Another race off the turf with mostly turf races racing on the dirt. The 4 looks like she is the early pace. So you need her. The 6 has a bunch of win on the synthetic at least.

Race#6 With the 1 being scratched I think it only leaves the 5 and 6 in this race. Not much to discuss on this one.

Race#7 The 6 looks like the controlling early pace with a nice class drop. Baze will send him and should be tough. Once again if you do not key you need a bunch of closers.

Race#8 It all depends if you want to keep the ticket cheap, if so key the 5. This poor maiden 20 makes the 5 the winner. If you want to spread a little, 6,8, but I think the 5 needs to fall down to lose.

Here is my ticket today:  1,2,3/7/4,6/5,6/6/5    cost;  $24.00

I could take all in the first, which I might do. I could spend more and add horses in my key races but the ones that I add I do not like that much either, so wont’

Good luck.

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