February 8th at Tampa Bay


A nice carry over of $22,000 at Tampa Bay today in their pick 5. It is a tricky sequence but I think a small ticket is worth a play today

Tampa Race #6 Post time 2:50pm eastern   Pick 5

Race# 6 Starts with a mid claimer on the turf. Not the easiest race based on all horses have some talent and race shape is tough to figure as well. There is not a lot of early pace and that is why I like the 2 the best. Should stalk or even be on the front end. The 4 should improve on second start and a nice move last time out. 8 is my other choice. Others to look at are 5,6. Sorry not much help

Race#7 The 6 has a sharp trainer putting his horse in a nice spot to repeat. The 4 careered last time out but then went on the shelf, repeat effort would win.

Race#8 Another turf race with a bunch of loser type horses. The 8 has a few races that would crush this field, works say possible. The 5 will try and steal it, the 9 will stalk. Both can win. The 1 is good on the turf and will be the likely favourite and is a must use.

Race#9 Depending how much you want to spend is how much you spread in this race. The obvious horses are the 7,9. The 9 ran a nice race off a layoff and should improve. The 7 has the works with a hot trainer, I will just use these two. Not a trust worthy race.

Race#10 Taking a chance in this race as I am keying the 8. Has the closing numbers the others do not have. The works and needed drop in class. The favourite will be the 3 and is not much. Certainly can win as this is a weak field.

My ticket today: 2,4,5,6,8 /4,6/1,5,8,9/7,9/8     cost $40.00

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