Finding the holes in the betting


There are two keys to help you make money at the races, picking winners and getting your best value. I know many people that pick winners but don’t make money. Betting a horse that is so undervalued is a way to lose money at the races. In the long run you will not make money because you have to pick that many more winners.
The term “hole”, what is it you ask? I use this term when I can fill the hole with my money and still get value. Example, the win price on the horse is 2-1, I think should be 3-1 or 4-1, but the place pool only has 8%-10%. Clearly the bet is to place, especially if the public is betting other horses I do not like to place. Hence, extra value and easier to win.
Many people look at win price of a horse and forget that there are so many other ways to take advantage of getting value on the horse you think is going to win. I am always looking at the place/show pools, exacta pools, thinking of sequence of races surrounding the horse in question.
Here are some ways to get your value even when it appears there isn’t any on the win price
-Watch the place and show prices, there could be a big win bet and place/show pools forgotten
-Watch the exacta payouts, again a big win bet and exotics not being bet. This is a great bet especially when you like a few horses to run second and they are not the favourite or second choice
-Using the horse in the second or third leg in the pick three. If you expect a horse may get bet down, key the horse and load up in the other legs. If the first leg is the under valued horse you it is not always the best value because many will included the horse.

Following the pools and thinking on betting can only be done if you are prepared, if you do not do your pre-work you probably can’t find the holes

Make your next bet be a winning won with great value.

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