Full menu of race tracks begins


Obviously this is an exciting time of the year for horse racing fans. There are so many race tracks opening over the next couple of weeks. This means we have so many more places to make money. Easiest time to make money you say? I agree if you take advantage of all the betting opportunities in the right way.

WARNING !!  The are over 30 thoroughbred race tracks alone racing on Saturday’s these days, not even counting all the other tracks. Sounds great BUT many horse players then try and play all of them or at least too many of them on any given day. I have not met anyone that is really successful in racing that plays more than a couple tracks a day. I think it is next to impossible to have the time to do the work on 6 or 7 tracks in a day. Sure a day here and there you may be able to do it, like on a contest day. But not in the long run. You simply cannot keep track of everything you need to be successful.

Focus on a couple tracks and know everything about the track you can. The trainers, the jockeys, and the horses but more importantly the little things that a guy doesn’t know when he plays the track once a week. Knowing the little things takes you to the next level and let’s continually make money at that track. Usually hitting the big one consists of having that edge that others do not have.

The number one  rule is what tracks continually run that works for your schedule.
-Past success at the track
-Take out and betting opportunities

Become an expert at a few tracks and watch your success grow as a horse player. Do not know a little bit or think you know a lot about every track. You can pick those guys out every time while they are yelling at the screen because they lost again and are blaming everyone else but themselves

Next week’s blog:   “The bank is opening”


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