Hollywood HI 5

I expect over $300,000 up forĀ grabs today to go along with the $85,000 already waiting to be one. After the 1st four races its been chalk day. The track bias I see so far is stalkers winning and very little change in order once they hit the top of the stretch.

Race #8 Where to begin, let’s start with who can win. I think 2,7,8,13 are the most likely winners. The 4 is in the next level of just being in the money and the 6 with an expected even running style. Originally I liked the 9 but he is probably to slow and wrong track bias so I am only putting him in the 4th and 5th spots as well the 12. Now it depends on how much you want to spend. I am going to use the 7 in 1st and 2nd and go from there.
Here are my early tickets expected tickets: 7/246813/246813/246813/246891213
an even cheaper ticket can go 7/28/268/246813/246891213

Good luck, it will be a good payout if you hit.

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