How Good of a “Horse Racing Handicapper” Are You?


Do you feel you are a good handicapper? Before you answer this, do you make money at  the races? Not asking if you have won money, but do you show a profit more often than a lose?

Why do you think you are a good handicapper? Is it because you think you know more than others? You think you pick lots of winners?

If you think you are a good horse handicapper, PROVE IT TO ME! Get in on the best horse racing handicapping contest around. Yes it is in fact at Why is the best, well because it is free, there is no take out and you can only win money if you do well. Sure you bet your own money but I think that is the best part… to really see what we all know. I am not going to continue to sell the “Cash is King” contest on you, just trust me.

I know many people that think they are good but do not go into contests because they are worried about the results. Clearly they are not that good then. I do not go out of my way to go in every contest but I do make sure I am in enough to give me a good test as to where I stand. I have been lucky enough to do quite well in the previous “Cash is King” contests and various ones in Vegas as well. But, I obviously have not done well at times, too, which was great because I then knew I had to improve and learn from my mistakes.

Why go into the contest even if you do not think you are that good; well, that answer is easy. Give yourself a guide as to see how you stand up in regards to ROI (return on investment). I think the more you challenge yourself in life the better you will become in whatever you do.

The biggest mistake I see from horse handicappers is not changing or adapting to their handicapping styles. Also not continuing  to try and learn new ways to pick winners and more importantly “Not understanding why they continue to lose.”

Hope to see everyone on the plus side of the ROI in the upcoming contests.

Cash is King


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