How much should you spend on a pick 6 ?

There are many thoughts by many people on how much you should spend on a pick 6. I think the biggest mistake is you or a group decides on how much you are going to spend before
you even make up your ticket.
Here is how I decide how much to spend
-How big is the carryover
-What is the potential of ROI
-How certain are you of winning the sequence

Some experts also say do not spend more than 3% on these tough wagers. I agree on this but if
3% is only $30 or $40 then I suggest focus on betting your key horses and not worry about the
six races. The other option is pass a few days to grind a small profit that allows you to take a slightly bigger shot, as I had mention passing on Santa Anita on this past Sat. and Sun.

My process in a nutshell is simple,
– know the carryover
– know how big will be bet into it and understand you big the payoff can be
– Next handicap the sequence of races, figure out all the horses you need in each leg.
-Then put together the tickets you need
-Look at all your tickets and decide how certain you think you can win. If you think
there are some holes in it, avoid the overspending. If spending a little bit more by
adding an extra horse, then take your shot.

More discussions on this coming up but off to look at Thursday’s Santa Anita over $500,000 pick 6 carry over.

Head over to carryover’s thread on Thursday to check out my potential tickets for Santa.

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