January 14th


The carryovers have been few and far between but we have a nice one today at Turf Paradise. Over $15,000 sitting there and I expect over $50,000 bet into the pool today.

Turf Paradise Race#5 Post time 3:09 central

I wish I could say the pick 5 sequence is easy, but in fact it is quite tough. I am going to take a shot but not a big shot at it.

Race#5 This race depends on what the riders plan to do with there early speed horses. If the 6 can clear, he can win. If one sends it sets up for 2 and 4. Therefore I am taking 2,4,6

Race#6 Bottom claimers that haven’t won in awhile, OH JOY!  If, and I do mean if the 7 repeats his last effort, he wins. BUT these types do not always do that. Other droppers are the 4 and 6 both have good trainers so they have a shot. A big red flag on the 3. So many negatives there. Going to use 7 mainly, 4, and 6 on a smaller ticket

Race#7 A very competitive field with many horses with a shot. I am leaning to the 3, a repeat effort the class move up will not matter. There is some speed to run at. The 2 may clear and try and hang on, if the 8 gets a stalking trip he can also win.

Race#8 Surprised on who the morning line favourite is, certainly has a shot but would not play her close to 2-1. I expect a closer to win this race as there is a lot of cheap early speed. Looking towards 3,4,6

Race#9 Red Flag, well multiple red flags on the 3. Horse takes a big drop from a good trainer and loses, then gets claimed and drops again. If this horse had two good legs she would win but I don’t think she does. Which ever horse can simply run evenly throughout will win. Horses with a shot 1,10,11

Here is a small ticket I am playing   2,4,6/7/3/3,4,6/1,3,10,11    cost is $18.00

good luck everyone.


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