January 21st at Tampa Bay


There is a nice little pick 5 carry over at Tampa today. It is a little tricky but I think you can play even a small ticket and have a decent shot.

Tampa Bay Race#5 Pick 5   Post time 2:29pm eastern

Race#5 The 1 is a horse that has the sneaky rail speed, take note of the workouts. The 10 has reasons to like a little based on connections but needs to improve to beat the 1. Others with a small shot are the 5,7

Race#6 3,5,6 are my main contenders based on the figures but do not trust this race. I expect the 1,10 attempt to gain the early lead but should stop late to set it up for my selections.

Race#7 This race is all about the race shape. If the 8 gets left alone on the front end he can win. If the 3 goes after him then its the closers. The 4 if gets a better ride by the jockey than he gave a horse earlier in the day he will win. Also will take the 9,10.

Race#8 I do not like this race much at all. The 2 has already won this condition so he is a must consider. The 5 has back class, steady works and with a top trainer for this meet. Sleepers are the 1,9,10

Race#9 The 4 will be the favourite, but has no closing kick. If either the 2,7 are anything they can win, if not the 4 wins.

A small ticket to play: 1/3,5,6/4,8,9,10/1,2,5,9,10/2,4,7

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