June 26th at Arlington


I nice under the radar carry over for the pick 6 at Arlington. I decided to check out the sequence of races at Arlington today that are in the pick 6 and quickly realized it is very playable. I do not expect a huge payout but it is well worth it playing a small ticket.

Arlington Race#4 Post time 3:36 eastern

Race#4 This is my least favourite race in the sequence. There are no solid consistent turf horses in here. The most likely winners are the 2,3,4,5. The 3 is a horse for course race and will be a price. I think there is enough early pace this time to set it up for a closer

Race#5 The 2 is the local horse that has beaten everyone except the invader from CD. Take not of the strong performances on the synth. Using 2,7

Race#6 Only really three horses that should win in here, 1,6,9. Whomever gets the best trip wins by a head. The slight concern is they are all off the pace types so if someone gets loose they could upset at a price

Race#7 Not spending lots on the pick 6, so keying the 3. Her race to lose, should control the pace. The only one that has a shot to upset is the 7 from off the pace, needs a duel for that.

Race#8 The 7 has the class, but is not a standout. The connections do make him a strong contender. The 4 is my sleeper that I think will be a decent price. Has run well at AP. The

Race#9 Only two in here. The 3 should be tough, simply because there is not much in here. The 7 will try and steal it and could if can slow it right down

Here is a ticket:  2,3,4,5/2,7/1,6,9/3/4,7/3,7

Many good races in the sequence to play the pick 5 or late pick 4.



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