June 29th at Gulfstream


I figured this being the last day of Gulfstream I should post a pick 6 for the final card.

Gulfstream Park Race#3 post time 2:27pm eastern

Race#3 A small field but a few can win it. I like the 3,5 best. Both have the figures and do like to win. Huge race last time out by the 5. Outsiders are the 1,6

Race#4 This race is not as easy as it looks. The 6 will be greatly over bet. Yes he had trouble and was very game, you have to like that. But it was not a very fast run race. Watch out for the 4, good works and doesn’t need to be much. The 2 also had some trouble and may improve

Race#5 The worst race in the sequence. So many unknowns. The 6 will be the favourite and loves to run second. If there is nothing in here, she can win. If ever an all button, this may be the one. Reducing it a little, 4,8, 10 could be the others

Race#6 By process of elimination I am left with 4,7. Have the figures to win and the others do not.

Race#7 7,9 are the ones I like best. The 7 has talent but has been vet scratches at times and the training should only have this horse on the turf. The 9 had a nice effort last time out. Outsiders with a shot are the 1,5

Race#8 If the 9 repeats her first out effort she should win. Adds a few works to help that out. The 2 is the horse that might be able to get away early and steal it.

A possible ticket 3,5/2,4,6/2,6,8,10/4,7/7,9/2,9.

Let’s finish Gulfstream off with a bang.

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