Keeping an Eye on Carryovers

by Stretch

I am very excited to be getting involved with BetPTC’s blog now. I have been using this site for over three years now and think its great. This website already gives out some great information to help us all make some money and I want to help out even more.

I have been involved in racing over 20 years and written many blogs for different sites, some of you may have seen or read my blogs. I go by the name of Stretch.

My goal in this thread is to point out tracks with playable carryovers. I plan to show you which carryovers to play and which to watch and wait for them to grow even bigger. I also plan to show you my tickets I am going to play and how to play a few more.

Why I focus on carryovers, is simple, “There is already lots of dead money.” The return on your investment can only be that much higher.

I hope everyone gets involved with me and interacts with comments, concerns or how they are playing their tickets. I am always open to new ways to play these tickets and in the long run we can all learn from it. In the end I would like to see everyone hitting these carryovers regularly.

Let’s make BetPTC the home of hitting all the carryovers.

Looks like my first tickets will be on Saturday.

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