Keeping track of your stable

Do you have stable mail ? I certainly do and if you are a serious horse player you should too. What is stable mail, you ask? Well every time a horse you have put in your stable you get a
notification if the horse works out, enters a race, and on their race day. The stable is on your computer, not on a farm.
The reason you want/need a stable of horses is so you can keep track of them. Why you keep track of all these are is because of the following reasons;
-troubled trip that may not show up in the charts
-ran great and can repeat
-ran well against a bias, again will not show up in the charts

There are so many races each day and then there are some days you simply do not have time to play the races. It is impossible to remember all these horses you are tracking. Many times I get a reminder about a horse that is racing, I spend about two minutes checking the race he is in and may or may not bet him but at least I am aware. The worst situation is you lose track of a horse and he wins easy and pays $20.00. Ouch !!

Having an up to date stable and constantly adding horses with troubled trips saves time and makes you money. You need advantages over others to make money, if you do some extra work
I know it pays off.

Many horse racing sites have an application that allows you to have a stable. Equibase, trackmaster, and drf to name a few.

Tip of the day:¬† After you have bet a race and it is over, watch the replay carefully and make notes. Many times you will see another horse, other than the one you bet, get in trouble. Mark him down for next time. Also after the race is over, don’t just turn the page on to the next one. Figure out why you won or lost. Learn from your mistakes or your success’

Good racing.

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