Mar 27 at Tampa


Lately it has mainly been Tampa Bay’s pick 5 as the carryover of the week. Once again we have a $22,000 carryover for today’s Pick 5 at Tampa. The sequence today looks very playable, I do not expect a big payout but with a couple of decent keys you can spread out on the other legs looking for that longshot that could increase the return.

Tampa Race#5 Pick 5   Post time 2:40pm eastern

Race#5 The 1 should be very difficult to beat, will be on or near the lead and shouldn’t have much problem winning either way. The only slight unknown is the 2. 1 needs to decline to get beat by the 2.

Race#6 A nice competitive race with some talented horses.  If the 6 runs back to his last race he wins this time. The 5 also looked solid beating the similar bunch. Going just with 5,6

Race#7 Off the turf. Many scratches as well. The 11 gets in hoping it came off the turf, since it did he is a strong contender. Two races back the 6 ran a decent race that can also win. Others to include if spreading 2,8,9

Race#8 The 3 fits these conditions perfectly and has no real reason to lose. Has the works/jockey and trainer to crush again. 1,5 may be bet a little, I have both of them bet against horses.

Race#9 My least favourite race and a chance for a price. I do like the 8 the best, the race at PID is a solid race that makes him very tough to beat. The 9 has some nice races on the dirt back at FL. The rest are not much but if 8,9 don’t fire its wide open

Tickets I’m playing:  1/5,6/2,6,8,9,11/3/all     cost $45
2/5,6/6,8,9,11/3/8,9     cost $8
1/1,5,6/6,8,9,11/3/8,9   cost $12

Back tomorrow with lots of potential carry over plays.

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