March 12th at Gulfstream


Another week begins and more betting opportunities ahead. A great example on Saturday’s rainbow 6 as I lost the 1st leg but hit the next five so after losing the pick 6 I simply played the pick 5 and pick 4 for a nice profit. Remember that and do not dwell on a loss, stay confident and trust your judgement.

Focusing on the Rainbow Pick 6 today. I think it is a pick 5 with a standout key in the sequence

Gulfstream Race#5 Post time 2:01pm eastern

Analysis up at 1:30pm eastern

Race#5 Opens with a handicapable race. I like the 4 for a few reasons. This horse is dropping in class but going up in claiming price. Great trainer move. Should get a trip and be tough in the stretch. The 6 will try and steal it being a sprint trying the turf. There is other pace as well, so others I am looking at are the 7,8. The one has the numbers but has some negatives against him.

Race#6 This race looks like an all out early pace battle that clearly sets up for a closer. The obvious horse is the 2 and has the running style to win. Can’t key though because there are a few other good ones in here. The 6 is the speed of the speed but has a big gap in works so I think he comes up short. The 5,9 were vet scratches. Leaves the 1,3 with horses with a shot at a price.

Race#7 Do not like this race at all. Can’t trust anything in here. Another turf race that has potential of big pace battle. A horse that can run evenly will win. The 1 is the most likely winner. Others to consider are the 2,3,7,9

Race#8 The 4 is obviously having a prep race and needs to win to move towards the triple crown. The 1 ran a lights out race that is equivalent to a stakes race, could upset.

Race#9 2,4,7 are the horses I like best. The 4 doesn’t have a great closing kick but there is not much in here. The drop in class and a great work for the 2 interests me a little. If you key a few other legs an all wouldn’t be bad.

Race#10 The 9 needed to drop to this level, just because she is good enough at the MSW. This is why I like her best, filly in the spot she needs to be. A crazy longshot to include that has a few interesting angles is the 8.

Here are a few tickets I will play:
4/1,2,3,6/1,3,7,9/1,4/2,4,7/9     cost $19.20
1,7,8/2/1,3,7,9/4/2,4,7/9     cost: $7.20
4/2/all/4/all/9    cost:18.00

Let’s start the week off with a winning day.

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