March 21st at Gulfstream and Santa


Today has a potential to be a very profitable day. There are some strong plays in both pick 6s at Gulfstream and Santa Anita. Both tracks are very playable with huge carry overs.

Gulfstream Park Race#5 Post time:  3:01pm eastern

Santa Anita Park Race#3 Post time: 5:00pm eastern

Gulfstream Race#5 If the 2 loses at 2-5 I am out. There is nothing in this race and no reason the 2 shouldn’t win.

Race#6 The 9 had lots of early money first time out and ran evenly. Not sure why the drop so quick. A repeat effort makes him a strong contender. The 1 had a huge race two back and flat the next. Does have a work since so I will use him as well.

Race#7 Another small field with only a few with potential to win. Clearly last time out some “Probably” happened to the 2 because a repeat effort of 1st time out makes her tough. the 1 should be better and will close late. The 5 is a loser but has a shot. The 6 is a firster, without a five furlong work and I always like to see that.

Race#8 The big drop on the 6 concerns me a little, has the big back class to win if healthy. 2,3,4 also have a shot. Huge class rise on the 3 though. The 2 is the class dropper that should drop so I like him best.

Race#9 Another tricky small field on the turf. The 3 ran out of ground last time out and has a couple really good works that sets her up to be tough. 1 and 4 do like the distance and can also win.

Race#10 The 2 has the figures and the connections but just doesn’t really pass horses in the stretch. I need to spread out a little taking the 5 and 11. A big longshot could be the 4

Santa Anita Pick 6
Small fields and expected favourites look like the should win, so the payout won’t be huge

Race#3 We all know the winners down the hill usually come from experienced runners on the course. That is the 3 in this race. Looks good on paper, isn’t a winning type horse but if you do not single you need a bunch.

Race#4 I needed to find a horse that can at least run evenly and that is the 2. Not an awful race last time out and has the figures that can win. The rest seem to be a need the lead horse and will go as fast as they can

Race#5 A key scratch on the 1 changes the race a little. The 7 has proven he can run down the hill. The 3 is the unknown and will get over bet, but is best of rest

Race#6 A bad field of bottom claimers. My favourite is the 2, should get the trip and if gets through late can win. The 7 is dropping but will have pressure early.

Race#7 I have it down to 1,2,7. Pace and trip will determine the winner in here.

Race#8 Easily my best bet in the sequence. The 1 towers above this field and repeat effort and wins by a bunch.

Here are a couple pick 6 tickets for Santa:  3/2/3,7/1,4,5,7,8/1,2,7/1   cost: $60
3/1,4,5,6,7/3,7/1/1,2,7/1  cost:$60


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