March 21st at Tampa


Taking a shot at Tampa Bay today on their pick 5. The pick 5 has a decent size carry over of $25,000. It is not an easy sequence with the large fields and no solid keys in there.

Tampa Bay Race#7 Pick 5   Post time 3:40pm eastern

Race #7 We open up the sequence with a bit of a guessing game. The 8 figures to be on or near the lead, and has some talent, but loves the seconds. The 5 has the works and the running style I like. The others based on a few smaller angles are the 1,2 at a huge price and the 6 with trainer/work angles.

Race#8 The 5,6,8 are the contenders. All three have the numbers to win. The race should set up for a closer and that is what the 5,6,8 are.

Race#9 Once again three horses I like, but I do like the 5 the most. The races at Belmont make him a strong contender that can close. The 10 two back is a solid race as well, can win if clears and relaxes. The 6 is the improving horse and will be closing late. I think 5,6,10 gets you the leg.

Race#10 I will start off by saying I really do not like this race. No horse is remotely trustworthy. But I need to take some of them. 3,5,6,8,12. I am not even going to tout any of them. I did the reverse capping by removing horses that I didn’t think could win.

Race#11 If I was spending more I would really spread out even more in here. The obvious horse is the 6, but doesn’t have the strong numbers I like for turf horses. The horse I like best is the 3, a repeat effort or similar at Arlington make him tough again. This is the horse I keyed and won a month ago that I touted. Looked very good in that effort, so why not again.

Here is a possible ticket:  5,6,8/5,6,8/5/3,5,6,8,12/3      cost $22.50
Yes went small because it isn’t easy, will bet my keys in the sequence.

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