March 23rd at Gulfstream Park


If you haven’t tried the Rainbow 6 yet and were thinking about it, today is the day.  Relatively small fields and most of the races in the sequence do not have that many unknowns. I think a small ticket is all that is needed to give yourself a shot at hitting it today, not the 4 million though.

Gulfstream Park Race#6 Post time:3:32pm eastern

Race#6 Not much talent in this group. We know the 5 is going to the lead and we know looks decent on paper but is a loser. The 1 is the same. Both have the figures to win. The upset is the 2. Had a tough post and isn’t a loser yet

Race#7 The 3 is my choice in this one as he simply went way to fast last time out. If jock can relax him a little he wins. The other choice is the 5. If the 5 chases and takes a run at the 3 late then the race becomes quite straight forward. If the 3,5 hook then watch out for a longshot closer

Race#8 Class is the 8. Might even be a prep for an upcoming stake race. After him it becomes wide open. One ticket I will key, the other all.

Race#9 The 7 is set up perfect to win this race. Will get a better trip than last and take over late. The 6,9 can close but I expect them to run for second.

Race#10  The 5 is the likely winner by default. For some of the horses in here we may have to delay the 11th race as they will be just finishing the race. If you want to try and beat the 5, possibly 4,7

Race#11 The 5 finished with some nice run and a very good gallop out on the stretch out. The 5 is my choice. The other one to consider is the 1, looks like an improving horse

Here are couple small tickets I am playing:   1,2,5/3,5/1,4,5,7,8/7 /5/1,5    cost: $14.40
1,2,5/3,5/8/1,7,/1,3,5,7/1,5  cost: $19.20

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