March 7th at Santa Anita


With a guarantee of A MILLION at Santa Anita for their late pick 4 I thought it was worth a shot today.

Santa Anita Race#8 Pick 4   Post time 6:30pm eastern

Race#8 A tougher race than the public expects here. The favourites will be stretching out from “Down the hill” race to the mile. I think those races are very different and hard to compare. The obvious choice is the 5 and the likely favourite, far from a key. My horse at a price is the 6, has won a minor stakes race at this distance. Others to consider are the 2,4,8

Race#9 The 4 will be very tough to beat, could almost be a single. The 1 is solid at the distance, but needs to find a breather to beat the 4. The 5 likes the seven furlong distance, but I really believe its only the 4 and 1 in here.

Race#10  Another big field that will cause troubled trips. On any given day five or 6 can win in here. The 4 will go back to be on or near the lead which will help. The 2 is the improving horse but needs to improve a little more. The 7 is the horse and distance for course so is a must use. The has the class to win as well

Race#11 I am not going to try and beat the 5. No real reason to try. I do not have a second choice, I would need many to consider and the ticket gets to pricy.

Tickets:  all/4/all/5    it might seem a little lazy of a ticket but truly believe 8th and 9th are very tough.

Good luck everyone.

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