March 8th at Gulfstream Park


Yesterday had a couple of bad beats by losing a combined distance of a neck on the two loses in the rainbow six. Did have four winners in the sequence including the $38.00 horse. But enough of the past, time to move on and focus today on the Rainbow six. I estimate over $500,000 bet into that pool today at least.

Gulfstream Park Race#6 Post time 3:37pm eastern

I think it is a great sequence of races today, won’t hit it for 3 million but still can hit it for a couple thousand. One angle I like to play is against horses that were in a top stakes race that the trainer aimed for then the horse had a layoff.  A few examples today are Palace Malace and Unlimited Budget. I am not saying they won’t win, but they always get over bet and you know this race is not a prime race for the horse.

Race#6 Only two horses I like in this one. The 4 is sitting on a win and the shortening up will help him a bunch. The 8 is the other one and if can stalk can be tough to beat.

Race#7 Some nice horses in here. I expect the 3 to be the favourite and to be slightly over bet. Has the talent to win, but I just can’t key him. The 5 went way to fast in first out and will improve.  The stretch out on the 8 interests me quite a bit. Using 3,5,8.

Race#8 My least favourite race in the sequence.  Not a lot of help in this one. I think the winner will come in the outside of the field. Slight lean to the 9,10.  Using a bunch in here, others include 6,8,10,11,12

Race#9 A very talented field obviously and not an easy one to figure out. The 4 will be part of the early pace, but I really do not like that the trainer has not given him a workout since his last race, For me a bet against.  The 7 loves this track so he is a must use. The 8 will be the favorite and clearly has the talent. My sleeper is the 2, good at the distance and good at gulfstream.

Race#10 Small field but three of the horses could win. The 3 is the controlling pace, the class is the 1 and the 5 is on the fridges that could be a slight upset. We know the 1 will not be geared up completely for this one, but probably does not need to be.

Race#11 The race goes through the 3. The big drop is a slight concern, but does not have to be in top form to win this. The 2 is my next choice and is a bit of a loser, probably finishes 2nd again.

Here is a ticket I am looking at.  4,8/3,5,8/6,8,9,10,11,12/2,7,8/1,3,5/3      Cost: $64.80
I may hit the all in the 8th and key the 1 in the 10th.

Lots of betting opportunities on the card today

Enjoy a great day of racing everywhere.

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