May 17 at Gulfstream and Woodbine


Let’s see if we can’t keep rolling to build that bankroll for May 26th. Today there is a small chance it goes if a few key horses do not win in the sequence

Gulfstream Park Rainbow 6

Race#5 I am a little bias towards the 1 in this one as he has made me a bunch of money. I think the horse is very much improving. That being said it is so tough for most horses to win three in a row. The tough part after the 1 you need a bunch. My super longshot is the 5, has lost to some of them but with that right trip and the nice work sets him up for a strong effort. Others include the 2,11

Race#6 Can’t key in here but taking the 1,2,3 should get you the leg. The class is the 2 but the 3 has a shot to upset in here

Race#7 Tricky race going short on the turf. No horses can be trusted. 1,2,3,4,8 is whom I am taking. Sorry not much help. Longshot with a shot is the 4. Watch his replay

Race#8 The 1 standouts with his eight wins, almost more than the entire field combined. Also has the figures. If you do not key you need a few

Race#9 If Mike(#5) is half right, he wins. Maybe the 8 or 9 upset, I am keying the 5. Mike loses a chance it goes today

Race#10 The 1 is my favorite in here that may finally break through. Others to look at would be the 3,6

Here is my first ticket:  1,2,5,6,8,11/1,2,3/1,2,3,4,8/1/5/1,3,6    cost $54
My other tickets will include keying the 1 in the first leg and taking a bunch in the 8th


Horses to include are the 6 and the super longshot that could be 3rd,4th or 5th is the 4 which will go off well over 20-1

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